Monster Truck Ninja began with a vision to be a creative force for good that achieves the highest standards in all that we do, and to leverage world-class multimedia and storytelling to help our clients grow their businesses, exceed their goals, and enrich the lives of others. We make eye-pleasing, mind-blowing motion graphics for films, commercials, title sequences, network promotion, live events, branded content, and an ever-expanding list of platforms.

We listen to what our clients say, but we don’t stop there. We unpack and think critically about the meaning behind what they are saying, so we can properly target their objectives and reach their creative goals. We work within the unique visual language of their brands and don’t stop until the final product is better than the original concept.

Whatever the project, our US and international team of creative savants expertly guide our clients through the technical and creative process from concept to completion. Check out our work for yourself or contact us now to get a quote and start collaborating.






Our wheelhouse is bringing our clients many visions into reality.
Below are some of the many services we offer to pull off our visual kung fu.

  • Live Action Production
  • Video Editing
  • Storyboards & Animatics
  • Script Consulting
  • Casting
  • Voice Overs
  • Full Post-Production
  • 2D/3D Animation
  • Illustration
  • Visual Effects
  • Sound DesigS
  • Aumented Reality
  • Virtual reality
  • Creative Direction
  • Graphic Design
  • Logo & Type Design
  • Rotoscoping
  • Character Animation
  • Compositing
  • and much more


People often ask how we came up with Monster Truck Ninja. It’s pretty simple:

Monster trucks are powerful and relentless, crushing every obstacle in their path, and ninjas are precise masters of their craft. Every project has its own series of unique challenges, so you need pulse-pouding creativity that can crush any challenge that your project puts in your path, like a monster truck. Yet you need it carried out with precision and artistic finesse like a master ninja. So it becomes clear. You need a Monster Truck Ninja: Powerful Creative, Skillfully Executed.


Their work is lush, beautiful, and every asset they provided for our feature exceeded our expectations.”
Monster Truck Ninja has come through for me more times than I can say. Anything I received from them has been top notch. They are the go to for graphics!!
We've been looking for a production partner like MTN for a long time. They're easy to work with collaboratively and they bring powerful illustrations and a sense of humor to their projects.
We have worked with Monster Truck on various jobs (including a national brand campaign) and they have proved to be adaptable and creative. Particularly appreciating their ability to break down complex concepts into simple effective ideas. They have offered solutions to production challenges and sought to always deliver on quality - even on limited budgets. Their flexibility also allowed us to quickly switch tactics to ensure they met our briefs. We have enjoyed working with Monster Truck and have always been satisfied by their quality, strategic approach and dedication to ensure delivery on time.
The folks at MONSTER TRUCK NINJA found the comedy, the timing and the music through the editing of our show. From opening credits to closing credits, color correction to special effects, they did it all. I felt that they weren't just working for us, but instead working with us!   They took the raw footage and made it a show ready to air.
Isaac and his team are great collaborators. We had a concept for a campaign using 3D animation. Isaac understood our vision from the start. The guys at Monster Truck Ninja worked with us from initial modeling through final texturing and lighting. They even nailed the sound design. We couldn't be happier with the outcome and can't wait to work with the Ninjas again.